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--- Quote from: JGZinv on July 06, 2010, 02:09:16 pm ---*raises hand*

How about my tut in my sig..?

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That is number one on my list, but i forgot to add it as i posted Scoobys tut in my post, sorry.  :nervous:

Already in.

Not all of these are tutorials, but most come from around here as to useful info.
Several are general modding tuts on things that get asked a lot.

Important PCS2 Threads:,47596.0.html

Bobboau's Freespace Tutorials:

Multipart turrets on angled surfaces:,60327.html

Retaining hierarchy on export from any program to tS 7.6 + VRML:,56047.0.html

General normal maps & modelling thread:,61838.0..html

About normal maps:,55854.0.html


Figuring out ship shininess:

How do shine-maps work?,57506.msg1159894.html#msg1159894 

STL Check Modifier:

UV Mapped and Tiled:,60486

UVW mapping short tutorial:,62304

Using UVW Mapping Texture Technique in 3D Studio Max:

An In-Depth Look at UVW Mapping an Object in 3DS Max:

UV Unwrapping Tutorial 3DS Max:

Mapping with UVW Unwrap in 3dsMax:

Texturing In 3D Studio Max (Using UVW and Unwrap UVW Maps):

Many Different 3D Related Tutorials:

Another Major 3D Reference Site:

Fixing Non-Manifold Meshes:

Merging sub-objects into a single object:


I suggest to put all offsite tutorials in a own category ( external links to...), with sub categories for modelling and texturing.


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