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Colonol Dekker:
I want to play Reach 2........

The introduction of Halo 4 into the mix has no bearing on the first two chapters planned, as they deal with the time frame before and during the original trilogy. That is assuming they don't jump the shark and add some time travel component  :rolleyes:

To be honest, there are two things that have had any significant impact: Reach and Glasslands. Reach retcon'd the events that occurred there and basically made the book The Fall of Reach half useless. Glasslands details a lot of things in the immediate aftermath, which alters how much I could do with Chapter 3. Nothing game-breaking and honestly takes a weight off since I can use the battles detailed within the book instead of having to come up with it myself.

Mix of blessings and curses, I suppose!

But no, Halo 4 should not alter the mod at all  :)

so what direction might halo 4 take in that case? might it detail contacts with the flood?

my bet is on exploring the forerunners and precursors as will as the post-halo 3 era


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