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Greetings Hard-Light (and happy belated Easter btw). The name's T-Man, and I’m one of the new mod leaders for the Terran-Vasudan War Project (and it's new sister project, 'Unification War'); a position I was granted a year or so ago when Goober stepped down to focus on other projects. I felt I should (and promised to) put up a long overdue post to introduce myself and blow the cobwebs off of our forum to let people know we're still here. I almost never do public announcements like this so bare with me.

To quickly introduce myself, my major interest (and, due to a Games Design course as my Degree, my career in a way) is in conceptual design, canon and storyline aspects as opposed to the more traditional nodding skills, so project lead is a role where I feel I can really help a team out, though admittedly I’ve been a pretty poor one until now thanks to RL (I shan't bore you with details but Masters education is involved). Apologies again to team members for that; if one is granted a lead role it is expected they be there to lead people, that simple. I hope I can live up to my post a bit better in future (especially in the summer when my MA finally ends). To reassure team members too; 'concept design speciality' is not me making an excuse to be lazy; I intend to be FREDing, POFing, tableing (and hopefully modelling) just as much as the rest of the team when we're on the road!

First matter to announce to the public; No, neither TVWP nor it's new off-shot “U-War” are dead; Quiet, sleeping and slow certainly, but they have never died and shan't do under my watch :cool:. I was chuffed to be given a lead in this project and I took the role intent on seeing it through to completion. That said, I shall warn that I wish to minimise the use of deadlines and the like; it's good to have targets, but end of the day projects like this are hobbies, and RL issues will inevitably hold up team members; some of us have education, some have jobs (heck, some people around here have kids :shaking:). Push hobbies too much and I fear they become chores to people and loose the fun that empower them; one could argue such things have been the downfall of many online projects nowadays. Hopefully as balls begin to roll and summer holidays come the project will naturally progress at a good pace, but if you ever find TVWP or U-War does seem slower going than other mods, then please accept my apologies in advance.

Anyway, you will probably find things getting noisier around here over the next few months as things get organised and I get up to date with the various team members. I feel our forum (public and private) could do with some spring cleaning and various ideas and things team members have been working on need to be looked into. I've got a ton of ideas of my own (which some older team members may remember from previous posts) and if as they or other member's ideas are agreed by the team we shall present them in future posts.

Until then, please enjoy the demo release that represents the fantastic work of Goober and the other 'old guard' members, and your welcome to post any questions or comments you may have concerning the future here (note: questions of “when will you release?” will be met with “when we're ready” before an abrupt meeting with the nearest Airlock... Consider yourself informed... :drevil:).

Till next time.

The original release seems to be kind of extensive, just from its description.  Do you have a vision of how long you intend TV War to be?


--- Quote from: Cyborg17 on March 31, 2013, 08:20:30 pm ---The original release seems to be kind of extensive, just from its description.  Do you have a vision of how long you intend TV War to be?

--- End quote ---
The current demo is very extensive (enough for some in the old guard and myself to propose and agree to branch it off into it's own campaign to give it true justice) but was ultimately only intended as the very beginning; it doesn't actually go into the T-V war ironically. I could not say for sure the length at this time, as the timescale of the T-V war is over 14 years; on the one hand we may do many campaigns to focus on small periods (the original plan on the project website was for seven), or we may only have a few large campaigns that gloss over much of the timeline to prevent repetitive missions. Hazarding a guess, I'd say at the very least three campaigns of around 20-30 missions (not counting U-War, which will also have at least one campaign of around that number); it'd think that would be the minimum to give justice to events over such a long period, but that is a personal feeling there.

That is a lot.  Will you be looking for some fredders?  I may not be at Battutta/Axem/Spoon/etc level, but if you give me a mission outline, I can fred a decent mission for you.  My problem was always coming up with ideas for missions:  I've also given up on my own project since I lost the files, plus I can't really texture anything, my modeling is pretty mediocre, and I would rather be on a team.

General Battuta:
FREDding is super easy to learn and get good at, and it is also the most vital skill to have on a project. Everyone should FRED!


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