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Request for Comments: Programmable action system

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It was never implented (well, afaik). The code linked in the first post hasnt been merged and there's no mention in the "Subsystem" entry on the wiki so I guess it remained unfinished.

Ironically I had a similar idea around the time this was posted although I missed this thread: each subsystem would create a particle effect upon destruction instead of the normal fireball.tbl-based one, also each turret would explode differently. Lasers would create a brief flash, Beams have a big flash followed by leaking plasma, flak and missile turrets would spill shrapnels and so forth. On top of that effect I *think* it'd be possible to specify further effects on delay so after the initial explosion/flash happend you'd have plumes of smoke come out of the destroyed subsystem/turret with the size decreasing over time.

The relevant code was merged and is in the actions folder:
I guess I never got around to updating the wiki though...


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