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Freespace: Tactics - A Tactical RTS Conversion

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A new video has been added to the original post.
I took a bit of a break over the holidays, but I'm still going strong on this project and hope to release a decent alpha as soon as the following milestones are achieved:

- Complete rigging of remaining ships from the base game:
--Rahu (non-canon role change into a frigate; other gas miners got this treatment as well)

- Flesh out Attack & Defense gametype, and Escort gametype

More updates will continue as I progress.
Thanks to everyone for the kind words of support as I work on this.

Iain Baker:
Sweet, looking forward to it, especially so since the Homeworld 2 Remasterd version of FreeSpace Fleet Command doesn't work anymore.  :yes:

So....a few months have passed, are there any updates to be discussed?

I do not have updates at the moment that are 'showcase worthy', as I have had to focus on boring adult stuff for the last six months or so. I have not forgotten or given up on Tactics, though. I have been working slowly on getting the last handful of ships into the game, working on P2P networking, and general bug fixes. I did say I would have an alpha of sorts to release at the end of last year; unfortunately real life got in the way (as it often does with passion projects).

For now, I will say it is Coming SoonTM.

Iain Baker:
Sweet. Thanks for the update. We can be patient  :)


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