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Bug in Lightning Marshal, "Liberty Under Fire"


Renegade Paladin:
I'm currently playing through Lightning Marshal, or trying to.  On the first mission of "Pilot," the second campaign (first if you're counting The Regulus Campaign as entry 0), I get the following error when the non-MVP Orion (presumably NTD Liberty) jumps in. 

--- Code: ---Warning: Dockpoint OrestesDock could not be found on model Aeolus.pof
File: missionparse.cpp
Line: 1784

--- End code ---

Presumably this means the Aeolus that's attached to it doesn't have a dock point, but looking through the threads from around the campaign's release this doesn't seem to have been a problem before.  This takes me out of the game, which is a real bear as I'm trying to record even though it lets me right back in.  Is there anything to be done? 

Admiral Nelson:
This error is fixed in version 1.0.2.

What was changed since the version is now 1.0.4 (I checked the file size and 1.0.4 is a few hundred MB larger than 1.0.2)?

New NTD Liberty.


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