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I've redone the ship database on the website.  Feel free to check out and leave any comments.  It will hopefully be the main way for everyone to keep track of what's done and what needs to be done.  Currently only the ships that are at a point where they could be released are in the list.  I'll be trying to get more screenshots of the ones that have none later.

i saw that you have the x-wing posted as something that needs to be remade, i could remake it for you but id just have to pass it on to someone who has 3ds max to export it since i dont have that program anymore.

There's a higher poly version from the warlords conversion I might consider switching to, but it has no LOD or debris data.  And, if you've seen those death star screenshots, I believe the X-Wing in those is comletely different from the one I've currently got for the pack.  If I could it I think that would be the best solution.

Do you have a ready-made model of the Combat Utility Vehicle? IMHO, it'd be better to have that as a support ship instead of an Hygeia reskin. :)

I'm aware we need a CUV, but no one has ever even started one that I can find.  So until then it will have to make do.  I'm also considering allowing the rebels to use the CUV too, by referring to theirs as stolen CUVs.


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