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Today's first subject: A lot of stuff is getting done and no progress is being made.

Now you might be wondering, how is that even possible? Is Spoon just wasting his time playing starcraft 2 again?
Well yeah, that too.

But I'm also fixing up pretty much every WoD 1 ship; Removing seams, welding poorly mirrored ships together, smoothing and adding more debris etc. I'm also learning the joy of Ao baking (not featured on the screenshots below :p )

Unforunately, its a time consuming progress, so work on Fredding hasn't started yet ):

On a far happier note, there's already a ton of new custom effects/explosions, weapons and sounds in WoD2. Not to mention Zy and Cyrvan capital ships along with a whole bunch of other new fighters and ships. I can say with 100% confidence that WoD 2 will be by far the most colorful freespace 2 mod ever.

mmmmmm... colorful!


Please don't forget about the asteroidz mission

I actually like the Old Cordi more. :nervous:

yea, use of color... that's a toughie. There's a place for B&W photography, there's a place for gadgets with greyscale housing, there's a place for grey Mobile Suits, but masterful use of color, now that has artistic value.


--- Quote from: NGTM-1R on February 24, 2011, 11:41:23 am ---I actually like the Old Cordi more. :nervous:

--- End quote ---
Only the gunship has been changed, because it was just an upscaled soldier mesh with turrets strapped to it before.

Now I dont know about the artistic value of WoD (I'm just aiming for fun :p )


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