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Small Bugs


Wasn't sure were to post it, but I found 3 small potential issues:

- Broodwars: You can actually kill all fighters, before killing capitall ships if you disable them. Dialog doesn't change however, and you still get scolded, for not listening to misuzu, and staying longer. Was hella confused in after mission VN haha. (Also, since JelloWarrior leaves after killing all fighters, if you than finish all capital ships, the moment when she is supposed to say something, her head animation, is replaced with another wingmates).

- Extra mission, (saving ostfront): Not sure if bug? I finished mission, and jumped out, when I saw friendly ships jumping out, but I did it too fast? Lost mission and in debriefing I was told we didn't save it.

- Durning mission when Zephyr is destroyed, I picked Ray Mk3, but later in VN, Tempest told me I saved her Snarky


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