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SCP HQ - Located @ last! ???

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I've meant to do this for a long...long...LONG time. Ever since the early days of the Project.
Every time I see the big sign on the place I'm reminded of THIS PLACE!
SCP has been around for a long time...preparing for the day when FreeSpace Fandom called...

But the truth must be made known...
I know where your guys...the SCP...HQ is located. The business there is a front of course to subsidize "THE WORK" here.
Those images are visible to any who search deep...but next chance I get I will try & remember (that time) to get the big sign visible from far away for all to see...
Hidden deep in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona...
Even have your own Ninja training dojo across the road...

EDIT: It won't let me upload the image evidence...SCP counter-espionage?
AHA! I guess a direct link will have to do...



Sounds like a shoddy job was done keeping things hidden  :p


--- Quote from: Colt on August 30, 2022, 12:24:21 am ---Sounds like a shoddy job was done keeping things hidden  :p

--- End quote ---

You get what you pay for :P


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