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Would a GTI or NTF victory have been worse?

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I've done threads in the past about what would have happened in a GTI or NTF victory scenario. 

Which do you think would have been worse:  a GTI victory (ST/ST:R) or a NTF victory?

 The question comes down to a few factors, particularly what the terms of that victory would be... e.g. a NTF victory might just consist of the recognition of the NTF as seperate state, with just the revocation of the the GTVA's claim to exclusive authority. Similarly, what if GTI overthrew the GTA but only after losing the Hades?*

*I know bot ST and STR make it so the GTI leadership is on Hades, so its destruction ends the Rebellion - but lets have that not be as clean cut for sake for argument

Colonol Dekker:
I'd have thought the Hades survivalb was the means through which GTI victory was achieved in this hypothetical.

I forget, were GTI anti Zod too?  I like the idea of a hades Armada.

GTI victory would be worse.
At least in the losing debriefing of ST:R's final mission that seems, that the Hades is on a rampage through the vasudan systems, simply killing everyone.

NTF victory however would only mean, that Sirius, Polaris and Regulus would gain independence from the GTVA.
I think the most problem for the Terran-Vasudan relations were the battles in the puffer zones of Deneb, Alpha Centauri and Epsilon Pegasi. Two of them are vasudan systems. And Alpha Centauri is also right between the current and the historic vasudan capital system.

Colonol Dekker:
Worse if you're a vasudan maybe.



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