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Will the latest FSOs work with Windows 7?

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One question from a dumb modder, me: Will the latest FSOs work with Windows 7?

I mean, what are the minimum and recommended specs?

Won't the minimum/recommended specs vary heavily depending on what mod you're playing?

Shivan Hunter:
They seem to work fine on Win7 for me :)

Strygon is right re: hardware specs. Though I've never had FS tax my trusty old 1070/i5 2500K

Colonol Dekker:
It all depends on the VP's and the complexity of other ships models.

The E:
FSO should work just fine on Windows 7. There are no plans from our side to specifically exclude Win7 from our list of supported platforms, but there may be libraries we use that will impose such an exclusion on us in the future.


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