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guess you should look at some MAX tutorial, there are many on the net and they'd be more useful than what I could be since I don't have it:p
People that I know did texture baking are odissey (iirc with LW) and omniscaper (with MAX), probably galemp. If you really can't manage to do it on your own try to pm them, or maybe you could open a thread in the modding forum


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Sorry for teh bump, but it is more relevant here.. what is Better, ot rather, more EAISER to Bake with LW or MAX?

I have a huge problem with KA ships that look nice but have like 30-60 textures so they will never convert over despite the reasonable poly counts (1k-9k).. Since bakers are in short supply, it might be a useful skill to try to learn instead of that mysterious modling thingy with the polygons and what not (kidding)...

On a more serious note,  I had no idea SW was in sucj dire need. Onteh surface it had appeared to be progressign just fine, hyst behind the scenes... I sincerely hope you guys persevere until the detracting issues can be resolved...

I saw some awesome fighters and what not not long ago and since I have minor contact with the author(s) I will look into them...
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Things may be restructuring soon. We recommend you head on over to and see what you think.
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Karma et al,

I'm a newbie to FS2 in all aspects, I've got thousands of hours modeling aerospace components using Pro/Engineer and will be getting 3DS Max shortly.  I would like to help out converting the XWAUpgrade files from *.OPT to *.POF format (including the intracacies entailed therein-- editing tables, etc.-- granted I'd have to learn all that but I'm intelligent and a quick learner...).  I would also like to help out FREDding creating missions.  I'm creative and could also help develop a story line for the conversion geared towards a single player environment.  Let me know if you can use me-- I've already downloaded a lot of the FREDding tools etc. from the Oracle's website.


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Apologies for not responding to either of your emails Archangel, but I am waiting for someone on the staff who's been keeping tabs on us more closely to respond. I've simply not been around enough to be much use (i'd have gotten the website done, but every time i started it, I remembered that noone on the staff was able to get ftp access *glares at the admins* and put it off till 'later'. since then we havent been doing well.
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Acknowledged Hippo, thanks for the note... I'll be standing by waiting for the others to respond.


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if you don't hear from someone in the near future, i'll do what i can to summarize and get things available
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can i be a tester?
what i have to do?

i have fs2 with fs2open 3.6.7 linux version working
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can i be a tester?
what i have to do?

i have fs2 with fs2open 3.6.7 linux version working

Hum, it's difficult to be a tester for now. And I don't know where is the project for now. I'll be glad to continue my SW conversion work (with the Warlords Models) but due to my intership, I don't have any time to do some extra work at home :(

ok no problem, when u need a linux tester u can send to me a pm :)
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I am a great SW-Fan and i like to help you.

what we need:


we need FS2 expert modellers, with the ability of building complete highpoly models (lods, debris..) specifically designed for FSO, working perfectly, without useless details or polywastings.

we need good modellers, even if newbie to FS2 modding, we'll teach em what they need to know

we need modellers still learning to become good and skilled ones, but with good knowledge of what is needed to put a ship in game,they'll do the "dirty" job of making lods/debris/hierachy/turretts and all the minor editing to already done models, and as soon as they get more expert we'll give em to try to do more complex stuff
I only worked sometimes with an old pof-editor to change textures. But i am willing to learn more.^^


we need some fredders to create a minicamp melee based for a teaser that could be ready soon
we need some fredders to build some minicamps for a demo that shouldn't be that far
Knowledge of the recent sexps avaiable in fredopen, like those about persistent variables, is an important requirement
All too easy.^^

table editors

we need people to work on the game balance, trying to reproduce XVT game balance/stats into FSO.
I read many Starwars Expanded Universe. And i edit one time the week anything in my own ships.tbl.


we need people to test tables and missions as soon as they are ready and possibly to take screenshots of our artwork.
I always test my tables.^^


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I'm quite saddened seeing so little help being given to this mod.  I've been checking in on it here and there and until recently also had no idea it was suffering so badly, I mostly just remember seeing all the pretty screenshots.  I'm curious how definitely you guys are planning on doing a complete merge with IA.  You guys have shown off far more impressive models and ships so far than their conversions, and I can only hope that the merge would end up putting those to use in whatever star wars mod comes about from it.  I don't know how much I can help with the mod itself, but I have some experience with the star wars community from a long time ago (used to be in TRA, and played XvT online religiously for several years, beat XWA, all that stuff) and would love to help reinvigorate community interest in this stuff.  I'd love to work on the website, but its thread hadn't even been bumped in two years, which is strangely the last time the website was updated it seems.  How many people are still 'working' on this mod, whether it be modelling or working with IA, or whatever?  I've seen MetalD, and The_Noob apparently is trying to get in.  Is Hippo still involved with it much?  If you guys aren't in fact restructuring, I'd love to see where else I could help out too.  I was hoping this would become the game to replace the again Lucasarts offerings, and still think it has that potential.
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Anyone who wants to get this project restarted, send me a PM.

I'm still waiting for THE N00B's second response, btw. :)


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I have some hands on experiance with photoshop and whatever, so i can help with textures and whatever, not so good at mapping yet, but if u need hep making things look more realistic or need me to make a sample so u can make it into a map, i would be happy to help.
i would also be happy to do soem testing.
i also know how do do basic fredding, so if u need some help, i can put together a mission 4 u and then u could touch it up to your likeing...

i would be best in the 2d moddelign area working on textures and such but should you need some help elsewhere... let me know... i am happy to help...
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This top subforum is an archive of threads from the original Star Wars total conversion project, which has been defunct for a long while now.  If you want to help out with the currently-active mod, you'll want to post out in the main forum. :)