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I have added these bugs to our issue tracker. Will get them fixed soon.

Skipping cutscenes and jumping to checkpoints seems to be broke in several missions, e.g. To Steal A March On or How the West was Lost. If you skip/jump the player lands tens of thousands of clicks away from where he's supposed to be.

Also in the latter mission I jumped out after clearly receiving the BTB order, then got a partly-done plus AWOL debrief, but could move on anyway.

I also got a wrong debrief in Rebels and Revolutionaries. I definitely killed all platforms, but got the not-all-platforms-destryed debrief. Within-mission jump sequences also seem not to work 100% smooth in that mission, e.g. once the subspace environment disappears one or two seconds after the player ship passed through the exit vortex.

In the tower defence mission the lead indicator is black which is not exactly helpful in space.

Oh, and in the mission where you capture Gavel, his ship's engines repair themselves after he turns friendly. The support ship eventually was able to catch him, but I guess this is not supposed to be.

I also discovered a few more flaws here and there. I don't remember the campaign causing so much trouble when I played it a couple of years ago. Maybe it's something wrong on my end. :confused:

Not bugs per se, but:

* In the final mission I think a checkpoint after Epsilon arrives would be convenient.
* I accidentally entered this screencap mode, of which I didn't know it exists, and it took me a while to find out how to get out of it again. Maybe give the player a hint which keys to press to exit again.

You're right, most of these things did not happen in the original release. In general these bugs are caused by SCP not being super diligent about backwards compatibility and BtA1 being more than 5 years old. It's on our list to give BtA1 a bugfix run before BtA2 is released.

Is there a limit as to the FSO version which BTA's version of "Templar" can be played on?  I tried playing it on FSO 23.0 and 23.2 RC9 and with both versions when I hit the part of the screen to play a mission it would go to the mission loading screen but then crash to desktop.
 I was able to eventually play BTA's Templar with FSO 22.2 though.

Though on this (22.2) there's still a minor bug.  When I would go into options the difficulty was set to Easy.  I changed it to Very Easy and then exited options.  However, when I would go back to options shortly later and the difficulty was back on "Easy."  So it looks like there's an issue with the difficulty selection sticking.


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