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This is the "working title" of the Vanilla Pre-Built i have created and been using in order to develop a new vanilla oriented Freelancer 24/7 gameserver for Multi-Player gaming.

I can not offer more than the actual version log - it shows how far i'm already - into the development process of a new game mod:

--- Code: ---Version 0.75

General Changes:
- took a rare "vanilla game folder"
- updatet basic Freelancer with official v1.1 Server Update
- implemented FL Hook v2.0.0 with cloak plugin
- added High Resolution functions & basic HC-tech layout
- updatet cameras.ini
- made bases destroyable by 1,5mio. hitpoints (HC-Server standard Value)
- fixed docking_spheres in order to make bigger ships usable
- implemented Mooring_Fixtures
- jumpgates, docking rings, stations are destroyable now
- overhauled the docking system for all vanilla bases (capital ship compatibility)
- overhauled native turret view for freighters and player used capital ships
- implemented Mining - Mining Turret
- implemented Healing - Repair Turret

Visual Sight Enhancement
- doubled visual sight range level of detail ~25km (exe-update)
- enlarged maximum cache of low level textures from 128kb to 8192kb (exe-update)

High Level Missions (~100-200k):
- implemented high level missions (hunting Centurion/Titan Corsairs) in dublin, battleship hood
- implemented high level missions (hunting Stiletto/Sabre Outcasts)in tau 23, java station

Artificial Intelligence Upgrade:
- Bretonia, Br05
- implemented & re-checked Battleship encounters
- implemented & re-checked Nomad encounters (harder Nomads / Nomad-Prototype droprate)

- Rheinland, Rh02
- implemented & re-checked Hamburg City Forces (harder NPC Ships)

- Unknown - all systems
- implemented & checked Special Order Forces (harder NPC ships)

- implemented &checked more Level 19-21 NPC's around Sirius

- finally implemented & checked adding additional Factions: fc_no_grp, fc_order_grp, hc
 (first Mod factions)

Effects & Art:
- updatet effects.ini (DATA\INTERFACE\...) with HC values
- updatet effects_explosion.ini (DATA\INTERFACE\...) with HC values
- added effects_playtrail.ini
- updatet explosions_ale.ini (DATA\INTERFACE\...)
- created & implemented missing ship icons

Ships / shipping:
- added HC Civilian Transport (Medium Transport)
- speed-docking is now available to transports, too, when they press F3 on a close distance to a mooring fixture - f.e.
- updated the general docking system for technical reasons (when implementing bigger / capital ships later)
- added HC CSV - Transport class ship
- corrected Transport / Armored Transport / CSV - Armor Scales for NPC's
- added shipdealer to base freeport 1
- HC Dragon update
  * enhanced dragon class (more attractive to use i guess)
- HC Valkyre update
  *upgraded Rheinland Valkyre fighter (cloak version)
- added HC Blood Dragon fighter
- corrected Dragon / BD Armorscales for NPC's
- added Armored Transport
- added Train (Large Transport)
- added Liberty Cruiser
- added Seth Lvl Very Heavy Fighter
- added Anubis Heavy Order Cloak fighter
- added Liberty Enforcer
- updatet ID's Names and Infocards (english only - sry)
- due to docking problems with armored transport i added the ability to dock on mooring points, too
- big ships CAN land on many places now

Physical / technical updates
- implemented new Docking system
- extended existent databases and tables for future modding
- implemented adoxa's moor.dll into mod files
- implemented Adoxa's healing.dll plugin for Repair / Mining turrets
- implemented Adoxa's engclass.dll (hopefully fixes "Engine can't be sold" issue
- implemented Adoxa's FixedMounts.dll plugin
- updatet fuse.ini (effects)
- updatet fuse_or_osiris.ini
- updatet fuse_transport.ini
- added flak & battlehship explosions (from HC mod)

New Equipment:
- Mining Turret
- Repair Turret
- Nomad Torpedo
- Nomad Prototype
- Novabomb Launcher
- Novabomb (Munition)

System changes:

- added two tradelanes to Hamburg system with
      - *Engine Shop (HC Version)
  ~ Standard: yellow/white
    ~ Armored Transport: yellow/purple-booster
    ~ Bretonia Freighter blue/purple
    ~ opt. Bretonia fighter blue/purple
    ~ Rheinland Freighter green dusty
    ~ opt. Rheinland Fighter green dusty
    ~ Liberty Freighter standard white rings
    ~ opt. Liberty Fighter standard white rings
    ~ Hispania Freighter red/orange/purple
    ~ opt. Hispania Fighter red/orange/purple
    ~ Kusari Freighter white/yellow/orange flames
    ~ opt. Kusari Fighter white/yellow/orange flames
    ~ Nomadhunter Fighter purple/blue cloudy
- *Hamburg City Liner
      - Ships:
  *modified Crusader (Bomber)
  *modified Dragon (Fighter)
  *Liberty Enforcer (HC Version - Heavy Fighter)
- Planet Hanover Docking Ring
*Mining Blaster (Lvl.6) implemented!
*Hamburg City - Hamburg Diamond Mining fields
  fixed general *new weapon problems* with overwridden weapons - created unique ones by leaving
  vanilla values untouched


New Tokio
- added Niobium mining zone tadelane to New Tokio system with
*Planet Izu Docking ring
  *implemented Mining Blaster Turret (Lvl.6)
*Hamburg City - Hamburg Niobium Mining Fields


New Berlin
- added Hidden Force Base
* Cloaking Erlking Fighter
* Cloaking Valkyre Fighter
* Cloaking Humpback Freighter
 implemented Hidden Force Base Nebula


Tohoku (will be high-Level Kusari)
- reopened Hokkaido <-> Tohoku Jumpholes
  Tekagi's Base
  Base Rohuku
- reopened Choguku <-> Tohoku Jumpholes


- reopened New York <-> Alaska Jumpgates
  added Juneau Shipyard (Lampshop planned)
  added Prison Mitchell
  added Rogue Home Base


Unknown Gamma
- added Farway Base
* with VIP sell point
- expanded Planet Gammu
* Cloaking Anubis Fighter
- added Nomad Gate to future unknown systems
- added Order equipment
- added order faction / No-faction
- prepared system for harder nomad battles - better npc a.i.


*** Hamburg City Unknown systems!!! ***

Implemented systems:
- Unknown Alpha
- Unknown Gamma
- Omikron Major
- Omikron Major 2
- Omikron Major 3
- Omikron Beta
- Omikron Minor
- Omikron Lambda

Implemented dockable bases/places:
- Planet Alexandria
- Planet Kairo
- Planet Toledo
- Battleship Botzler
- Battleship Sierra Nevada
- Battleship Djoser
- Station Sinai
- Station Menes

Implemented Ships:
- HC Seth (Very Heavy Fighter, LVl.10) from Station Sinai (Omicron Lambda)
- HC Train (Large transport) from Station Sinai (Omicron Lambda)
- HC Liberty Cruiser (Battlecruiser) from Planet Alexandria (Omicron Major 2)
- HC Anubis (more selling points for the order fighter)

Bugs solved:
- Unknown System ST04
- asteroid fields implemented & rechecked
- mine fields implemented & rechecked
- wreck-loot implemented & rechecked

*** Jumpholes ***
- reopened New York <-> Alaska
- reopened Hokkaido <-> Tohoku
- reopened Choguku <-> Tohoku
- reopened New York <-> New York
- reopened Leeds <-> Cambridge
- reopened Dublin <-> Leeds

*** Mod changes with HC internal server script, thx 2 Nosferatu,, HC Supervisor ***

- updated initial world (serverside update)
- updated empathy values (faction reputation affection)
- updated looting chance values (more realistic drop-loot count)
- added NPC ships - better A.I. and competitor level (global update)
- overworked general NPC population, implemented usage of bigger and capital ships such like battleships, cruisers or gunboats
- added a npc Battleship fleet formation and usable common battleships
- added missing ship-classes into library
- updated all encounters (added new ship classes into library related links)
- raised global mission rewards money (~25%)
- added standard engine to each bases shop to workaround players sells engine and cannot start anymore - issue
- added HC VIP commodity!


All above is finished!
Below must be done:

- upgrading Tohoku System with factions, bases & high-level encounters
- upgrading Alaska System with factions, bases & high-level encounters
- implementing HC equipment features
- implementing ship pimping (custom lights)
- bugfixing playercntrl-center

- physical gameplay enhancements
- NPC patrols in modded systems
- better NPC artificial intelligence
- more NPCs
- more life in the universe
- lamp shop / cutomizing lamps
- flyable battleships
- flyable cruisers
- faction system for players (unique clan and common vanilla factions possible)

- new factions
- new ships
- new systems
- new bases
- new news & story


HC faction NPC forces needs to be finally implemented later! There seems actually to be a simple
loadout problem with the code iam using. I will figure it out. Same counts for all other system
updates. A.I. Updates will follow - enhancing NPC force to become more competitive for long time


V0.1 was the beginning. What i have to do now is to introduce all the other features that attracted
multiplayers for decades.
I will introduce MORE ships, mining zones, stations, systems, planets, ... enlarging the existent
universe orientated in a vanilla manner. I don't want to change the physical aspects for example.
The fighting and PvP system where close to be perfect and they only need fine adjustment. But
there will come up some new weapons and more possibilities to individualize the personal ship
by adding new engines (colors) - the Hamburg City Liner and later on ships with cloaking functions
or the legendary HC Seth Lvl.10 fighter - which is awesome!

v0.2 is a Vanilla Freelancer Built with integrated HC Features. With this built the Original Vanilla
Version becomes obsolete. You can say: This is the new Vanilla FL 2019 - with modern technical stan-
dards like HUDShift and other plugins integrated in the core game. In order to achieve this built i
had to "rebuild" the HC Server Features onto a classic Vanilla Built. This way of modding is so important
for me to do - cause the Original HC Server files where built with the vanilla files, scripts and some
other third party programs. It even had a web-control feature and many ingame features are actually
web-controlled. The problem with this is - the web-support of Hamburg City is offline. Things like
the Original Charmanager from HC site can't actually be used anymore at the moment. This is the reason
i had to rebuilt it from scratch. There is no easy way to cut those integrated functions out without
making the built corrupt doing so. The way with possibly more workload is better cause i could manage
to use all functions without web-interfaces or html-bindings. This way the game becomes a bit more
smooth, too - because every ping on the server is although a possibly lag reason. The built i have
created maybe web-compatible - means exporting playerstats or serverstatus won't be a problem - but
the common Charmanager won't work with my version. I would like to give it a try: Integrating the
functions people could use with web-interfaces - directly into the game. There are ideas and plans
for an Ingame only lampshop at the moment. But there will be more. The basic Vanilla Mod Version
is not online at the moment - but it runs like a charm and could be put online anytime. But before
it will be released and online there are some more things to do. The basic version still has some
minor bugs and issues and i've not even started to recompile the core *.ini's. The way up to v0.3
will be bugsolving and finally implementing the last missing elements that won't work yet.

v0.75 is a better Vanilla Freelancer Built with integrated "Hamburg City Server" features and allot
bugsolving. I recompiled all new mod content so that it fits into the Vanilla basic code. In addition
i deleted all obsolete code lines i could find.
The SDK source is cleaned from clanbases, clan factions and several modded archetypes (mostly bases).
The reason for this is that the Hamburg City server is web-controlled. This means that not all clan
data is part of the game files. Some datas will only be delivered by server when the player uses the
related content. Those web-functions i had to cut off. The reason for cutting those functions off is
that ANY software that pings on the gameserver - any website that is reading data from server is an
additional affliction that corresponds with the total server capability.
This doesn't mean that Freelancer - Memories won't contain any web-related features in the future -
but WHEN - they won't be like on Hamburg City. I inhalated all mod-content that fits into my personal
desires - how i would like to have Freelancer done - in the first place (2003).
The modding Crew on HHC -> did a great job. Through all the years they never
left the vanilla oriented path they where going. But the web-features are one way into the wrong di-
rection from my point of view. The basic game was unfinished. The vanilla conditions you find when you
open the native game files are a good basement for modding. The "Hamburg City" content i have introduced
into this basic built now - combined with widescreen features for enjoying the game in HD / 16:9
resolution are the best basement for the way i will mod this game now. The Vanilla unfinished content
got an absolutely awesome expansion. This expansion allows players to enjoy the game with nowadays
modern computers (but although with older hardware), players can do mining in asteroid fields,
players can setup "repair ships" for assisting other ships / capitals, the "novabomb" is a good weapon
against capital ships for small fighter squads that attack them, the physical basement for using
capital ships like battleships, big transports or liners is layed and the "player" ship content - means
the ships that can be used by players - got extended, the relations & competitive skills of houses got
rebalanced, cloaking ships are introduced - yeah cloak used by players, the unknown systems got
overhauled and extended/completed - they where unfinished. Bases that where only available rudimentary
or had missing options for players are functioning 100% now, harder A.I. npc forces than in the
original, high-level missions on more places than Gamma, the docking system got overhauled, some
new commodities are available, new systems (Vanilla oriented), a Neutral Zone got implement - you can
see it as "Deathmatch" or "Pvp" zone - this neutral zone has low detailed background graphics like
starsphere and has no npc forces in it. As the name says it is "neutral" - so weapon fire in any
case doesn't damage player's reputations and the low FX has the effect that this system has less
potential lag - so that official competitions in PvP have the best circumstances in the Neutral Zone,
some bases (docking slots) where updatet & bugfixed - f.e. i corrected the "camera" data so that
any docking ship will be seen as a whole - not being overlaid by the bases so that player only see
a base wall when ship docks, players have more "Speed-Docking" possibilities now, big freighters
can dock on way more bases than in the vanilla built, new npc fleets in space, npc capital fleets
with battleships, corvettes, cruisers or bombers are flying in sirius, Alpha-Nomad attacks in Dublin
and some more little additions or fixes.


My special thanks go to all people, modders like me and people who put passion into Freelancer to make
it a better game. Especially the team from took big parts by spending
their code for my work - in order to save me from 1000s of additional hours of work:

Thank you Nosferatu (Coding), w0dk4 (FL-Hook & Webfeatures) and the rest of the surviving Hamburg City Crew!

Thank you adoxa / jason_hood for the FL plugins and coding prevalence!

Thank you Whiskas & Jeider for the Visual Enhancements you gave to Freelancer by releasing your Wide-
Screen mod source!

Thank you lancersreactors and starport communities for publishing detailed modding information for
Freelancer. Your content was much appreciated in FL modding.
--- End code ---

There are still some minor issues and bugs that needs to be solved - but the core game stands!


Today i tested the new Artificial Intelligence. The common difficulty level limit of Freelancer was 19. In the game you never met harder enemies. My mod built allows Lvl 20-25 and any imagineable expand later. The screenshot above shows the Hamburg City NPC Security in modded Hamburg System. The HC Liner Security guard. As you can see they are right now the hardest Vanilla Type ships you have ever met with. Better keep your reputation to HC green!

The image only shows up while being logged in with my account.


Level 40 NPC - Rheinland Battleship & Corvette / Bomber encounting high level nomads in Dublin

Right away there is no title screen for this thread - but the screens inside i can see logged in / out - works on both sides here.

Meanwhile in Freelancer Memories Testserver's Sirius, testing Dublin Update with high level A.I. NPCs. Testing High Level Missions from BattleShip Hood against Corsairs (Titans / Centurion ~200k)

Level 16 (highest order display - in real 19) NPC - The Order Anubis Fighter battling Nomads in Dublin

Level 21 Nomad Alpha Fighters

Level 40 NPC - Kusari Battlehship & Corvette / Bomber encounting High Level Nomads in Dublin

Level 40 NPC - Bretonisn Battleship, Bomber and Lvl 35 Destroyer fighting Nomads in Dublin

version log 0.25 got replaced by v0.75


I did more than expected in that short time i do this. I have created a vanilla built of the original game, extended it with features that makes the game really playable in an open world with endless possibilities. Now i left the path of implementing the Hamburg City content. The universe will be enlarged. There will be more NPC factions and house systems. More to discover, more to enjoy. All will be Vanilla oriented in the end.

Actually the built is not shareable in my point of view. I would like to finish my work to a certain point when it goes finally public. But here some screenshots of what you can expect to see on this server-mod built:

Hamburg City Kusari Blood Dragon

Hamburg City Hidden Force Base

Hamburg City Liner

Train (Large transport) landing

Train (Large transport) landing2

New docking camera for bretonian battleships

New docking camera for bretonian battleships 2

Novabomb explosion effect

Patriot landing on planet Harris


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