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--- Quote from: RizZen on August 04, 2019, 03:05:53 am ---Download RizZen's Vanilla FL Widescreen (16:9) HD Mod (original by Whiskas and Jeider)

--- End quote ---

Clicking on that link will give you "Pls login" site if you're just a guest, also you've got a good chance that the files will be deleted after a few months.

When its gone i will re-upload - and there will be alternate download links in future. I not only upload my releases once. Usually on a long time perspective you can expect my releases being available on:

- Hard Case Productions (yeah i know the light  :D )
- ModDB
- GoogleDrive


On Mod-DB i will release "packs" - means downloads that contain several released content bundled in sorted folders with RizZme.txt (ReadMe) files!

The problem is NOT only that they get deleted but that the average forum user (which are most likely people without an account) can't download it.

What the? - googledrive link implemented!

RizZen's Advanced Widescreen Mod Version (Original by Whiskas and Jeider, tyvm it's great!)

Now they CAN do - anyone who steps into this topic!

I "tested" this mod - and stopped testing in Mission 7 - man i just wanted to undock and look for short ...

 :yes: :yes:


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