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I'm not the only one who is modding Freelancer. Playing Freelancer, you have the advantage of personal choice! It is about you to decide - what version, mod, single-player, multi-player - Freelancer offers a wide broad-band of content. Content created by people that put many hours of work and passion into their Modwork. You can extend your personal Freelancer in any desired way. Only thing you need to keep in mind, that when you would like to join one of the existent Multiplayer Communities, you should be aware of their specific server rules. On many servers Mods are not allowed. They have their own mods that are technically independent and common servers use anti-cheat software - so playing online Multiplayer you always need a basic freelancer clean installed game without any mods.
When you play singleplayer you can use ALL available mods that are SP compatible and i only can repeat: There are many mods available!

In this topic i will sum up all downloads i could find for freelancer. I'm not owner or hoster of any of those sites - i just want to share their content - Freelancer is too good, to simply vanish away!

Freelancer Downloads
Wide-Screen mods
 - by Jeider & Whiskas found on (or download RizZen's version)

Single Player mods
for easy mod handling look below (FLMM-section)
or google it!

Multi Player mods
in this thread you find links that direct you to bigger game mods independent sites. They offer their multiplayer FL mods for free!
or google it!

FLMM - Freelancer Mod Manager mods (most of them for SP) (download all below - 24 different FLMM Mods for Freelancer Mod Manager 1.3!)
Psionic ship pack
or google it!

All those mods can ge found via google in the internet. I have put some older MP & mentionable SP mods into a bundle. There are allot more mods available. Most of them are too big (file-size) to put them into a bundle but you can download them on other places and use them with Freelancer Mod Manager. There will follow more information about specific mods explaining what they do and how they work in detail later. Here a list of mods you should try although but that where too big for bundle:

1. Genesis 1.44 MP (1,1 GB) - download from ModDB
2. SWWT_SP.flmod - Shattered Worlds Singleplayermod (193 MB) - download from ModDB
3. SWWT_v1.5.flmod - Shattered Worlds Mod v1.5 (193 MB) - download from ModDB
4. (174 MB) - Discovery 4.83 rare Disco Version from ModDB
5. Rebalance 3.56 Mod (160 MB)- download from ModDB
6. - HC optional Textures Mod (123 MBl)
7. Draconus_Majorum_-_DeathMatch.flmod (~50MB)
8. Advanced Widescreen Hud by Jeider & Whiskas

RizZen's Freelancer modding Terms of use


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