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Port and Silent Threat: Reborn FAQ

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I tried to start redoing the mainhall tables myself, but I never quite got around to it.

Update: Main halls have been included. :) If you use a SCP build after 3/1/2006 and include warble_fs1, they'll also play the FS1 music. :)

Hello, I have a problem. It's a huge problem. I was a childhood fan of Freespace and Freespace 2. I have now been out of the community for over 5 years. Now all of a sudden I come back and there is this MASSIVE WAVE of information and builds and downloads and mods EVERYWHERE, and I do not even know where to start. Basically my question is, from what I have gathered this is a port of the FS1 game to the FS2 engine. I would like to play it. I have FS2 installed on my comp and nothing else. Can I play it? And how do I install it?

Best place to start is here:

Q: Got any progress updates on ST:R? Preferably in the form of pretty screenshots. I like looking at pretty screenshots...


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