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Admiral Nelson:
The FSPort team is proud to bring you today this voice acted mini campaign originally created in 1998, overhauled for 2007!

As Terran forces continue to fall back in the face of Shivan might, accompany the veteran pilot, Lieutenant Rhygar, on a front line patrol.  What you discover there could turn the tide of the war, or seal your doom.

Original Features:
* Two unique missions, plus one "atmosphere" mission (no combat)
* Unique player roles: wingman, and reinforcement wing leader
* Multiple tasks: escort, attack, recon
* Involving storyline
* Real characters
* Asteroid field combat
* Extensive playtesting and balancing

Added by Admiral Nelson:
* Converted for FS2
* Lightspeed nebulae
* Nameplates

Original Creator: Julian Egelstaff

Download at Filefront
Download at FreeSpaceMods

A great campaign so far...

this shows up when the 3rd mission begins loading -- looks like something is worng with the mission file

--- Quote ---Error: battle.fs2(line 2737:
Error: Missing required token: [$Briefing Music:]. Found []  instead.

Line: 659
[This filename points to the location of a file on the computer that built this executable]

Call stack:

--- End quote ---

EDIT: It appears that the last three lines of the mission file are missing completely - if anyone else has this problem I could drop the fix here...

Great work, as always! :)

Downloading now.

Ahh, another classic FS1 campaign...

Downloading now.

A campaign with voice acting is 3.4 MB? Are you pulling our legs? :P

It's always great to see you guys churning out releases for FSPort. Now finish the voice acting on ST:R! *cracks whip*


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