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Eventually I see a mission test topic at other forum places, like in missions y campaigns , I think it is because this board isnt visited o promoted, would be awesome if someone write another ''history'' to Fred, and to have supervisors, or in other words more experienced freders , guiding us , the novice ones  :D , I know that was the purpouse of this board, but like I said above this look abandoned

The biggest problem with the FRED Academy was that only a few FREDders would give feedback. It really needed more people who were willing to do it. Just Mobius, Topace and myself weren't enough.

Oh I understand, too many new people : D, well at least the tutorial are very good for learning too

Then shouldn't this board be archived or something? The relevant threads pulled out and linked to in a sticky for tutorials or something?

Unless there are plans to revive it...

I'll revive it if enough FREDders are willing to work. Or even if enough non-FREDders are willing to test the missions and say what doesn't work.

Basically this project is only dead if no one is willing to play missions and talk about them. I've always felt it would be a sad day for the community when I could say that. :p


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