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Currently needed and WIP ships (Updated 12/1/21)

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Yes, but they are not modeled yet. :) If you can pull them off in Brand's quality, feel free to take on some of those, too.
Also, did you message Fractalsponge about his SSD model yet? Looking at the other one, it's indeed off by a fair margin. So looks like it's either that, or making the thing from scratch...

Looking into it, including the EU the imperials have a good size spread.  the Rebels/Alliance on the other hand has a big gap between 752 meters for captured/defected Acclimators to around 1200-1300 for the MC80 classes.  if you dont include the Acclimator then you are looking at 700 meters for the bigger Dreadnaught heavy cruiser variants.
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In general, I have a feeling that Dreadnought and Acclamator are the largest "regular" Rebel ships, anything else is a special case, more or less unique mothership. Remember, they're guerillas, not any kind of regular military, despite some stories depicting them as that. Oh, and IIRC, there are 800m or so MonCals. Those MC80s are a pretty diverse lot. I think that if anyone needs larger ships, it's the Empire. They're reliant on capships and actually have resources to field them out in significant numbers. Rebels' biggest assets are diverse fighters, most of the Galaxy's remaining Force-sensitives and superior morality (which is the real reason they win most of the time). :)

not to mention the rebellion has generally better strike craft vs capships.  Either way though it is a consideration for mission designers when it comes to diversity

Where could I go to get a flat template/model of WIPs needing textures.  I've done some textures for 3D work on Cinema 4D models.  I'd love to try and help.


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