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Maybe I should do a tutorial map series...

I am thinking a single map with as many potenital scenarios on it as possible.

The idea would be that a would be mission artist would open the map at part 1, look at the units, record the vital details (partIDs, map coordinates) then basically have to uncomment  sections of the abl, add the details.

This way they could be introduce to the abl commands a couple at a time, learning the coding philosophy at the sametime as how to combine commands to get an advanced affect in game, while then being able to play their changes immediately.

The tutorial would walk them through uncommenting eventually a whole scenario.

Thoughts community?

The goal would be to take away the major hurdle of abl coding for your average user, helping them turn basic missions into good missions via recyclable code blocks and concepts

List updated in second post...

Is there a command to get every unit on the AI team to attack nearest target? Aside from giving every unit the same brain/squad number...

No, they will try to attack the nearest target, based on their weapon ranges by default.


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