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Any interest in testing the original/new PXO?

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I'm not sure if anyone really cares at this point, but most of the original PXO has been ported and updated and is currently online. The tracker side has been done for a while but is probably ready for more heavy testing than what I can do on my own. The website is something that I'm rewriting from scratch, and while it looks like complete crap, the basics are working (except SquadWar, haven't gotten to that yet).

It works with the retail releases of Descent 3, FreeSpace, and Freespace 2, as well as the current version, for which I'll provide source and/or builds for Windows and Linux as needed. The GOG and Steam releases may work, I haven't tested them to see if PXO is still in those.

So if anyone is interested let me know and I'll get things ready to test this week.

I'm interested.

Not counting SquadWar, did the original PXO have any features that fs2netd does not?


--- Quote from: AdmiralRalwood on April 30, 2017, 01:35:35 pm ---Not counting SquadWar, did the original PXO have any features that fs2netd does not?

--- End quote ---
Design wise, definitely. All traffic is UDP vs TCP which FS2NetD uses, and it runs through psnet client-side just like regular game traffic. This means it doesn't require any extra ports, and is pretty firewall friendly. All a client should need to do is start the game, connect in, and start playing. Creating a game or running a standalone is the only time that port forwarding should be necessary, and then it's just a single port. There are some internal differences with regards to traffic validation and what not, but nothing big.

Basic feature wise I think that FS2NetD has the bases covered. SquadWar is the only real part that's missing, but even that is mostly html and database trickery rather than a client or tracker thing. The PXO code (client and server side) basically just records the score from a game. All of the magic is just in the website. That's why getting PXO up and running again isn't a big deal, FS2NetD works and I assume that SquadWar support there isn't too far off.

I guess that only real 'feature' of PXO over FS2NetD at this point is that it supports the original retail releases for Descent 3, Descent: FreeSpace, Freespace 2 Demo, and Freespace 2.

If you got in touch with the remaining D3 server ops, they might be interested in helping you out too.  I'm not sure it'd serve much practical purpose, since the community's been using their own server tracker(s) for a decade now, but might be worth a shot.


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