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Deneb III

A three-mission minicampaign set during the height of the Battle of Deneb in 2335. As a Vasudan pilot assigned to the PVD Guardian, you must defend your systems against the Shivan advance at any cost.

This campaign was the grand prize for the Phoenix alternate reality game to promote ST:R, and has story tie-ins with Phoenix, ST:R, Shrouding the Light, FS1, and FS2.  It also includes a short story fanfic.

You can also use the FSO Installer or download manually.  Requires FSPort 3.1 or later and SCP 3.7.4 or later.

I tried it but when I started the first mission (I was using FSO 3.8) I didn't have any primaries or secondaries.  There was also no primaries or secondaries in the weapon select screen to put in my ship.  Any suggestions?

Sweet little vignette of a campaign. Like ST:R, this has high-quality classic FreeSpace game play.

Check the mod.ini to be sure it's pointing to the version of the FSPort that you have installed.

Change this (the mod.ini that comes with it):

--- Code: ---[multimod]
secondarylist = fsport;

--- End code ---
to this (copied from Silent Threat: Reborn, courtesy of -Joshua-)

--- Code: ---[multimod]
primarylist = fsport-mediavps_2014;
secondarylist = fsport,mediavps_2014;

--- End code ---

A few ships will still show older models, but it's by design (docking points and Other Reasons)

I actually tried that too.  Both mod listings (Deneb III's original, and a copy of ST:R) came up with no primaries and secondaries for me.

Doesn't the latest version of the port come in a folder called "fsport3_5" not "fsport"? If that's not what's getting you, I'm sure it'll get somebody (it got me initially) so posting it won't be a waste.


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