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FreeSpace Port 3.7 + FSPort Media VPs Release!

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I haven't tried it yet, but I will when a friend of mine wants to play FS Port with me again next week. 

Cross-posting from the support thread:

--- Quote from: Goober5000 on January 29, 2024, 12:02:04 pm ---Apologies, I missed updating one of the version numbers when I uploaded the new version of FSPort MediaVPs yesterday.  I've just fixed it.  Restart Knossos, refresh the mod list (to make sure the FreeSpace Port MediaVPs mod shows "last updated" on January 29), and try again.
--- End quote ---

The FSPort MediaVPs have been updated to 4.7.1 with the following changes:
[*] Fix several display issues in the medal case
[*] Fix the weapon trail on Phoenix V#Shivan
[*] Add a missing D-Missile tech model and fix its closeup position

The update is now available on the FSO Installer and will be on Knossos in a few minutes.

Trivial Psychic:
Thanks for keeping this stuff updated.  :)

Happy to do so :yes:


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