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Why is Diaspora listed six times on Knossos?

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There is also the issue that, while it works for developer-mode mods, package selection on launch doesn't work properly for regular users. If they download multiple optional packages it'll load them all no matter what they do.

This is, thankfully, an issue being resolved by the knossos rewrite, which appears to be very close to ready to go.

I reinstalled The Babylon Project today and looking at the standalon game section of Knossos right now, it seems as if all six Diaspora mods are exactly the same one called "Realistic flight stats for Diaspora ! (Able-v1.5b_Speed_x2_B_II)" version 2.3.7! Can somebody with access to Knossos please delete five of those and rename the last one to "Diaspora realistic flight stats" so it will get listed besides the main game? Right now it looks rather unprofessional for such an acclaimed mod...

It looks like the mod descriptions, and possible the mod content I haven't downloaded them to check, got messed up at some point, but at the very least the initial upload of those five mods was of five variations on one idea. You have to go back to the first uploaded version of each one to see it, and scroll down to the content section of the description, to see the original intended version info, but it is there. As stated above, this is a bad way to present these variations but it may be the best way available in the current knossos. If they were actually five uploads of the exact same mod then deleting the duplicates would probably be appropriate, but in this case I don't think it is.


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