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I've been thinking that it would be nice to have a Wiki page the current status of several of the ever-changing aspects of the fs2_open community...

...A new build comes out... A web site that everyone uses goes up / down... et cetera...
A nice summary with all of the constantly changing updates compact & in one place would be nice.

Here's the idea, let me know what you think...

UPDATE: For a recently updated list of fs2_open downloads, please visit the FS2 Status Page on the Wiki.  Located below is the status of several FS2 servers, checked in real-time.

Server Status Check

Multiplayer     FS2NetD web site     game-warden.com                   If there are other FS2-related sites that have temporary or periodic technical issues, let me know - I'd be happy to add them to the status list above


Wow.  Extremely cool, man!

* WMCoolmon coughs and points out that anyone is welcome to add pages to the wiki, as long as it's not spam & they use common sense
Teach a man to fish...

This is really good. I took the liberty and created the page on FS wiki (it's under Getting Started=>Relevant Links). It's not an exact copy right now though and could probably use some better formatting.  :)


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