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Because the server had been down "lately" the only way of playing is throw Ip, so pls , if you wanna play a game let me know.
I'm online most of the time, so i'll seeyour posts as soon as you write them.
We need people with a good connexionto the web, because for some reason i can't host ip games.
Or you could leave your info here.

my yahoo messenger adrees is rhadoohgd.             
We are using Toms old Build, by the way

The master server is back up now.

Also, I wouldn't mind playing a game myself.

Glad to see at least someone's interested. Whenever you fell like playing a game................well you have my yahoo messenger adress..................or you can post here  :)

Freespace Freak:
Would love to play, but unfortunately I'm so swamped with my full time job + full time school work that I hardly even have time to mess with my mod.

Good lord :pimp:, It's taken me two dayes, well sort of... to install FS2. Last time I played was years ago.
 HOLY COW-a-.... There is still a community out there. COOL! Way cool~
Well I just followed Karajorma's FAQ. It was pretty good! Hat's off. So now comes the problem of servers. Is there one server out there that services FS2? or is it a stiuation of  "I'll server today , you server tommorw"?? :confused:
I'd love to get this thing rolling, simply just to test out the install I did.... :nod:

Well I see your trying to get players together so heres my 2 cents

Yahoo: richrichardson@
MSN   : richrichardson@    (real creative right)


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