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What's the difference between standard and dogfight weapons?

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I've always wondered.  I know dogfight is meant for multiplayer, but I don't know why...

Colonol Dekker:
Damage values are different. penetration and shield values etc.

For balancing.

I know that much.  I mean, qualitatively, how are they different, and how does that affect your choice of which weapon to take?

The ultra-long-range weapons (maxim, the most apparent one) had a large reduction in range and strength. Reduction to 2.5k-ish range, with lvl 6-ish hull damage and lvl 2-ish shield damage.

Their values were adjusted to dogfight with so everyone had a better chance.

Not only the long-range weapons, the Subach HL7 and Mekhu HL7's dogfight variants have scaled down damage values (They apparently have level 2 hull and shield damage :wtf: ) and their rates of fire have been upped. Same goes for other weapons.

Which, i'm sure, is why everyone grabs a Morning star with their weapons. It seems to be the most powerful laser in multiplayer when you combine it with a weak laser or something. One, if you do it right the enemy can't fire back, and two, it takes out shields in no time flat.


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