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Hi there.

Just looking to find the installation files and setup instructions for playing FS2 SCP multiplayer.  All of my searches lead to dead links.  I'm currently running 3.6.9 RC7.

I'm also looking for the mod that allows you to control capital ships.   Thanks.

I really don't want to post this on pirate day, but here it is:


Helm! Ready all beam cannons!
Lock Beam Cannons and fire on my command!


Welcome to HLP! Exits are to the right and left. In the event of a landing of any kind, you can and will be used as a flotation device. Flamethrowers are conviniently located under your seats, however, due to the recent funding cuts, a $3.5 million donation is required to obtain a flamethrower with a full load of napalm in it. If you do not wish to make a donation, your flamethrower will remain filled with water. If you don't wish to donate and still want a working weapon, you'd have to try the weapons locker. However, only HLP Admins, a :V: God, or a Hyperintelligent shade of Blue can open the lock, so you'd have to break in. If you find yourself inside a ventilation shaft and you catch a glimpse of a Shivan, you don't need to worry... much. It's just Carl, and you have two choices with how you want to deal with him:
    1. The first possible course of action is getting one of the weapons from the afore-mentioned weapons locker, and trying to ward off Carl by threatening him with the weapon. Be advised that many of the weapons in the weapons locker are covered with the blood of people who thought it a good idea to break into the weapons locker and use the procured weapon to ward off Carl. So, please, if you decide you want to choose this course of action, choose one of the already-bloody weapons, so you don't get blood all over one of the clean ones.
   2. Your second course of action when you see Carl is to throw your lunch to him and hope he isn't hungry. This is the better option.
   As a final note, please remember that any attempt to use the ASCII characters 0046h, 0053h, and 0033h in sequential order will result in you being trampled by Freespace Fanboys. Your trampled remains will be fed to Carl so that the rest of us don't have to carry around so much food for lunch.

try looking here for SCP info. there's a nice sticky at the top of the page that should work, and i know there's another thread on the first page about it.

Thank you for the big ugly green thing welcome.  I didn't really think I could avoid it for long.  I didn't know about Carl and as I don't like wasting a good lunch I'll take one of the bloody weapons please.

As for the Number of the III, I won't mention it.

Thank you for the link, but I've already searched those forums for 'multiplayer'.  I'm simply wondering where the download files are (they're not on and when I find them, how to install and configure them.   I was hoping there would be a sticky this forum (Freespace Multiplayer), but there isn't.

I also want the the mod that allows you to control capital ships.  Apparently it exists, but all of my searching has come up empty (while learning new and exciting things I never knew about) on this board.

The Wiki is has zero entries uner 'Multiplayer' and all the searches that sounded promising all lead to broken links.  Just curious if anyone knows what's going on here or if multiplayer doesn't exist anymore.

EDIT:  Nevermind, I just saw a new sticky at the top of the page.  Not sure how it got there as it's labeled Sept 18 and my post is Sept 20 (I'm still living in the Sept 19 world) but good to see.  Thanks.  I swear it wasn't there before.

Still looking for that capship controllable mod if it exists....

obscure mods can almost always be found if you ask kara. I don't know where he gets them. maybe he has a box in the attic labeled "Complete archive of everything FreeSpace."

Damnit, i want a box like that.

Some relevant threads at Game-Warden


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