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How does one upload missions to multiplayer?

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For an LAN?

I always wanted to try doing Co-op derelict missions, or Inferno, but I have no idea how...

Always put your entire question in the thread title.  Putting a meaningless sentence fragment is rude, and it discourages people from answering your question.

EDIT: to clarify, after I posted this, I edited the thread title to display the entire question. :)

Not quite certain what you're asking Mathwiz.

i think he wants to know how to get two LAN'd computers to play a multiplayer game that is not a standard multi mission.

you'll have to edit the mission in FRED to be multi-compatible, and you'll have to save it in a mod folder's data/missions on all computers that want to play.

However, i don't play multi anymore, so if anyone more knowledgeable would like to correct any mistakes i made...

The game automatically transfers the mission file to everyone as long as the host has it, but converting a mission to multiplayer (I mean, actually balancing it appropriately) will take some work.


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