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Hello, myself and FSW will plan on playing Diaspora multi tonight, Sat 2012-09-08 at 2300 BST (2200 GMT i think this works out as).

Everyone is free to join; I, FSHero, will likely be the host. I will be hanging out in the IRC channel ( #hard-light), so meet us there!

Lol, was looking for this post; looks like someone moved it to a new, more sensible, location. Thanks!

sry, im quite new to the whole moderator business. but as the multiplayer board is still very comprehensible, i figured its not that hard to find a split or moved topic :)

Standard policy would be to post a locked thread like this in lieu and place of the moved thread (if you did make one I missed it).

Basically cooper, you unticked the "Leave redirection post" option or whatever it's called. You usually shouldn't do that.


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