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Eeeeh, sorry to HeadScar and Winter. I tried to external view your dogfight 'cause I was 15 klicks out, and the game crashed. Sorry guys!

Bloody hell,  I was trying for hours to get my bloody Router to open the Ports but it always rejected them!
Frak you Bell, you always feck everyone over down to the simplest thing!  :mad: :mad: :banghead:

I have a game in the lobby right now if you fellas are up for a fight, 6:30 pm Eastern time. I'll be hosting until my friend tells me to come to his house, which could be a while.

edit: it's 5:30 pm eastern time, someone please join my gaaaaame


Hello all,

Just to inform you ill will be hosting a few games on Saturday the 15th September (2012) around 12-1pm GMT (Maybe abit earlier or later depending on when i go to sleep :D ).

Depending on the amount of people that show up i shall either run it as a few FFA games or some team based play, if some people would rather have a practice i am happy to run sporadisk's Co-op free-flight mission with ambience
[Or if you have your own mission you want to try out im happy to wither host it for you or talk you through how to set it up your self]

I shall also try and run a ts3 server but depending on if it lags Diaspora or not it may not stay up for long :)
I am no expert on piloting but I'm willing to help people out however i can :)

TS3 Server Connection info:
Username: [Please put your ingame name for your username thanks]

Hostinnnn right now. 730 pm EST right now, please hop in :)


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