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I'm pretty sure that this coming week they'll be a few of us online from 9PM ish US Eastern Time.  Maybe some on earlier than that.  We were on last night getting people to install the game and multiplayer accounts set up.  Did manage to get some TvT action going on. 

Generally if you see a game that is "SkUnimatrix's Game" or [BSG-Scorpia] I have it set for 5 minutes/15 kills on dogfight or 10 Minutes/20 kills for TvT.  So if you can't join, just wait a few minutes and try again.  Usually we're in the lobby for 3 - 5 minutes after a match.  I've noticed several people trying to get into our games and just wanted to note that publically here. 

I'm going to host a server now in hopes of getting someone on

now being 2100 Mt 9/9

if you get in the server and I'm not there right away I'm doing stuff around the house and walking by and checking to see if anyone joins.  be patient, I'll be there

Broski, I'm in like flynn

e: good game, man. I really do think that hosting makes a huge difference, not to knock your skill level. If you bothered to remap the controls, you're clearly more involved in getting better than I am. Like I said, I have an undeservedly large ego, so I think I kick ass at every game.

good fights man

I think the non hosting party has to change the update settings to low frequency to even things out.  I'm not convinced there's a major difference, I think you just needed to get warmed up on those first ones :D

Phantom Hoover:
If you want to play a game sooner rather than later it's probably best to go on IRC and ask if anyone's up for it.


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