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I'll be posting bits of faction background information in this topic over time. Not exactly my forte but I'll give it a shot.

First up the Delest Dynasty:

Founded by settlers of a mixed Russian, Chinese and Japanese descent, who left Sol shortly after the fall of the UEU.

With terraforming technology still in its infancy, the pioneers decided to keep travelling until a suitable habitable planet was found. Eventually they settled in the Ihefulian system, a single planet system with a red dwarf star. But while Ihefulian prime was habitable, the environment was harsh, the air hard to breath and the climate erratic. Thus the settlers started applying heavy genetic modifications on themselves from DNA of local wildlife, to better adapt to their new living environment.

Over time, House Delest came into power on Ihefulian and the Delest Dynasty as a 'state' came into being. This vast, wealthy and powerful family quickly expanded its power by building artificial human growing facilities. Capable of growing a new artificial human being from infancy to maturity in the span of a mere two years. With a legion of these new artificial, genetically programmed to be loyal, humans, the Delest's set out to colonize new worlds and expand their power base ever more.

Because the DD has been expanding away from the direction of Sol, first contact between the Delest Dynasty and the other factions came late, and was a total suprise for the rest of humanity.

Present day
The Delest Dynasty has just come out of a relatively bloodless succession war, following the death of the previous Emperor Vladimir Yama Delest. Yu Ki Kohakuren Delest came out the victor of this war, using great cunning and careful political maneuvering. She inherits an Empire that has been mired in low level corruption, internal power struggles and a space navy that has been largly neglected by the previous Emperor.
With a keen eye for talent and with a large powerbase, Empress Kohakuren has already started large reforms which have set the Delest Dynasty back on the road for power.

Other noteworthy subfactions
Amongst the first wave of Delest colonists, this clan settled on Uuni II. On which they discovered an animal with an unique set of traits, the most important one being a unique, incredibly dense muscle structure. They dubbed this six legged, bear like animal, the Sursaa and were quick to research how to incoorperate it's genetic traits into their own.
The result is super human strength, but without the bulk that would otherwise slow a person down. On the flipside, it also makes the person more aggressive and it causes the body to release epinephrine at a much higher and frequent rate than is normal. For the average Yonsakurener, even the mere prospect of a potential fight gives them an adrenaline rush equal to a bungee jump.

The Yonsakuren-Clan quickly rose to become the single best shock troops of the Delest Dynasty and the vanguard of the elite fleet elements.

Relation to other factions
Sol Union: Starlance distance wise, the furthest away. Mostly neutral due to lack of many connecting borders.
New Britannia: Frequently at war, great amount of distrust and dislike due to different views on gene manipulation and cloning.
United Guilds of Commerce: Very limited trade agreement, very reluctant to expand on the relation to avoid giving an outside faction any influence within DD space.

View on the League StarForces
The Delest contribution toward the LSF is not done out of an active desire to put up a united Terran front against the invading Cyrvans. The CSA fleet is still a few ways off from DD space and as far as House Delest is concerned, they don't mind seeing the other factions wear themselves out against this alien invasion. The main motivator to be a part of the LSF, is the fear that the other three factions actively bond together in the face of a common enemy and start collaborating both technologically and economically, and that the DD might to be left out from this.

Fleet doctrine
Delest Defense favors heavy weaponry over mobility and speed. Contradicting to this is, that they have a fondness for hit and run tactics. These strikes more often come down to "Destroy everything, and then abandon the location after."

Highest Fleet Ranks
High Executor

Neat! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the factions  :yes:

Brilliant, Spoon. So much lore for RP! :-P  :yes:

For soemthing that is not your forte, this is really good.

Are those artificial Humans fully sentient or more like biologial robots?
If sentient, do they have all rights of "natural Humans" or are the second class citizens or slaves or somesuch?

Fully sentient, it's pretty hard to discern between a normal and an artificial human. In most respects, they are mostly just normal people, only born from a vat. While they aren't second class citizens per se, it is very rare for an artificial human to climb the social ladder to a position of actual power. Though this can be mostly attributed to them being genetically 'programmed' to not be very ambitious. Not to say that there isn't any discrimination, just that discrimination isn't the primary reason for the lack of artificials in high places.


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