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[Request] "Remote Detonate" Assistance

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Some time ago I was pondering the Infyrno and how to make it a bit more useful (tl;dr the canon Infyrno was too little range to be useful in a "jousting" situation); I settled for an increase in range by upping the lifetime (as you can see in Walking on Ashes).

While that basically "solved" my issue with the weapon's functionality, it not a very user friendly solution - unless you are firing the missile into a formation that is in front of you and travelling in the same direction as you you will have to guess how the shot will work out.
I kinda like that in a part masochistic, part "thats how you reward skill"-way, going forward that might be limiting issue as it would impact how readily "skill shot" missiles like the Infyrno would be accepted (make them easier to use = more readily accepted).

So I was thinking, it should be possible to give the player better information as to what effect a weapon with the "remote detonate"-flag has - the engine already gives you your distance from the missile and you have the your distance from any intended target along with its speed on your HUD. While that's some of the basic information right there, howver the blast range of the weapon is of course nowhere to be found (except when you actually write it the description of the weapon, which is not accessible in mission).
(Side Bar: this wouldn't be any help with the Infyrno, the Piranha, FS_Port's Havoc or BP2's Slammer as they also spawn child weapons - which comes with a different set of issues.)

So couldn't it also be possible via scripting to highlight any ships that are currently in the blast radius of an active "remote detonate"-flag weapon?

Couple ideas:
-make the info about the weapon range accessable in-mission (if any player banks has them put a training msg there)
-compensate lack of info through limited heat homing
-replace remote detonate through this:
-Scripting sounds possible but you'd have to find somebody to volunteer


--- Quote from: Nightmare on January 08, 2020, 10:39:54 am ----make the info about the weapon range accessable in-mission (if any player banks has them put a training msg there)
--- End quote ---

As far as Pendragon is concerned I already have plans to add "Missile Stats window" as a custom HUD gauge - I just have to find time to make a final decision on where all the HUD gauges will finally go - you know, the step is on the board but I've not gotten around to it yet.

--- Quote from: Nightmare on January 08, 2020, 10:39:54 am ----replace remote detonate through this:

--- End quote ---

Replacing "remote detonate" would make it less about the player controlling the weapon. - What I want is to work out another niche between homing missiles and dumbfires, esspecially at medium to long range (2500m and beyond), and using "remote detonate" seems to be good candidate to utilize here.

An additional explaination might be neccessary:

Right now I am not working on new weapons for any Freespace-related project, but I am pinning down weapon concept for Pendragon so I have a fully compliment to balance against each other in testing. Pendragon I am aiming for more agility focused gameplay compared to FS (with high strafe and reverse speeds relative to the foward velocity as well as Glide).

So you can guess that I am actually considering weapons with which after you have fired, you then move your ship in revese and wait for it reach a point where you would want to detonate it.

The page-to-game transition of all my current "remote detonate"-weapons is has been completed, so a *bump* to remember that I'd really think this is a good idea.


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