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What should HLP 2021 be?

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I think the idea of social media / attraction is good but if my own experiences are anything to go by, the big problem as Nightmare illustrates is - getting someone to do it and maintain it such that it doesn't appear dead.

I'd be hesitant to suggest anyone commit to starting or maintaining channels that they can't find time to push the content out regularly on. THAT SAID it can certainly be done. Perhaps variety is the key - not trying to get a new video out every day but instead doing a blog piece one day, update the next, screenshot the next and so on.

Switch it up a bit so that content doesn't always have to be the same and suddenly there'll be a lot more to choose from.

That's just my thoughts on the social media side of things. In terms of what I believe HLP should be... I decline to speak too loudly. You guys should decide.

Notable point: Social media accounts can totally be run by multiple people.

Good point worth taking on - the more people to contribute, the better and greater the content generated!


--- Quote from: -Joshua- on October 30, 2020, 07:11:43 am ---Notable point: Social media accounts can totally be run by multiple people.

--- End quote ---

Yes. The problem however was to find just *1* person to do that.

The thing is that we did find a person, but that person seemed to have done it to boost their career in games journalism.

But okay:  I volunteer. I am perpetually lurking here anyway.


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