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****ing Batman.

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Black Wolf:
So today's the last day of classes before easter break, and I'm going home for the weekend tomorrow - got some family obligations to take care of, and I miss my dog. Anyway, I have to go into town and pick some easter stuff up beforehand, and I don't want to drive, so I'm at the bus stop, waiting for the bus.

Now, one thing you've got to understand about Transperth (ie. the bus company around here) is that the timetables - they're kind of more of a general guide than any kind of adhered-to schedule sort of thing. So when the bus was about 5 minutes late, I wasn't too concerned. At least, not at first.

Suddenly, I see a big green bus coming round the corner and through the roundabout up the road - the number on the front is right - it's the bus I'm waiting for. But this thing is taking the roundabout at about 70 kms - that's a damned impressive sight BTW - a full sized bus taking a roundabout that fast - wow.

Anyway, the bus comes screaming up the road and pulls into the bus stop with the screech and well known smell of brakes applied just that little bit too much. Then the door hisses open and I get a look inside.

Now, I take this bus fairly often, but the driver's always changing, but there are a few constants one learns to expect. However, none of those are "Black Cape, Mask, Rubber torso, utility belt". And you also dont tend to see middle aged men in Transperth uniforms lying in a small but slowly growing pool of blood next to the drivers seat. Yep, you guessed it. Batman was driving my bus.

"Tickets please."

Now, I was a little surprised by all this, as you can imagine, so I tried to start up a bit of a dialogue.

"Batman, dude, What the **** man! Did you just beat that guy up? He's ****ing bleeding and ****!"
"He was going to make the bus late! He was waiting for these old women at the last stop - slowest pair of *****es I've seen since Poison Ivy accidentally gave that sloth syrum to her minions instead of the GCPD."
"The bus is still late though."
"Ah yes," he says, with this sort of half smile that could have meant nearly anything. I guess it's hard to be visually emotive with a massive rubber mask covering the top half of your head. "But he would have made it later!"
"Still - I think the response is a bit out of proportion, don't you? I'm pretty sure he needs to go to hospital or something."

At this point, I think he got kind of pissed, because he gets up out of the seat, jumps off the bus and just sort of walks off mumbling about how **** like this never happens in Gotham. So I was kind of stuck, with a driverless bus and no other way to pick up my easter stuff.

****ing Batman.

Unknown Target:
....are you serious?

LOL Now that's screwed, all I got was badmouthed by a couple of teenagers for 'running up behind them' on the crossing when the lights had changed and the traffic hard started moving.

They were an advert for their own intellect, so I chose to ignore them.

uhm ... you should get a mental exam

****ing Batman


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