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BSG:BTRL Demo release!!!!

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ao thats where that "we need more money" message came from. the BTRL downloads are hogging bandwidth.

actualy not really, we have tons of bandwith and space, what we mainly need is the money for when it comes time to renew the service provider for hades-combine being on the web in the first place.

This just helps so i dont have to pay for it all out of my pocket, but no one else is charged anything either.

My tactic is to get google to pay for the site :p


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--- Quote from: thesizzler on April 07, 2007, 08:17:40 am ---
--- Quote ---The tunnel system is a nice touch and should make for some interesting multiplayer matches
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tunnel + afterburner = bad :ick:

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So I noticed. I also thought that it would be cool to skim over the big 'roid at high speed and low altitude (in the first patrol mission). It was there that I noticed the effect of the low movement damping values, when I created a new Viper-shaped crater on the rock.

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Well, instead of using your normal controls, try using your vertical thrusters...


Asteroid+Scar= FUN and DEATH


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