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PCS2 memory issuse on large maps

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PCS2 seems to have some kind of OpenGL memory problem involving multiple large maps.  No such problems in game if you can get the ship saved.  It acts like it is trying to render the ship over and over and over and never completely loads it.  If you time it right you can get functions to work but it's a major pain in the butt. 

I was able to work around it by just renaming the maps folder temporarily so it couldn't find them so it's not the model itself (which also worked fine in PCS2 before shine, normal, and glow maps were added).  Any chance of a feature to turn off maps?  Optionally just load diffuse?

The E:
Can you give some more info about the parameters of this bug? How big is the model? How big are the textures? How many of them are there? Is the model publically available, or can the issue be reproduced with one that is?

Well it's not publicly available and I don't have it out here so no idea on the poly count ant the moment.  I believe there are at least 4 4096x4096 maps and 1 2048x2048 and one other that I don't know the size of.  So looking at 16 to 20 4096x4096 with the glow normal and shine.  Currently either tga on uncompressed dds depending on whether I am loading the .dae or pof.

BTW while PCS2 is extremely slow and did give me an OpenGL out of memory error I was still able to fire up the model in max so there was plenty of memory available.

Can you reproduce it with something else mapped with similarly sized textures?

alright, lets do some math...

4*4096*4096*3(defuse/glow/shine)*4(rgba) = 805,306,368 = 0.8GB, just for those 4 textures what does your system show as memory usage, if it's less than 1.5 gigs Id's say this is just cause you are using huge textures.


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