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My "real" name is Dan Wentz. I was fortunate enough to contribute to both of these games and they will forever be a huge part of me. I've also contributed to this project years back. For those interested, just a heads up that I've recently created an account on sound cloud and have started to redo the music from two of my favorite games of all time.  This all started as a discussion with a friend of mine on Facebook of all places. The guy asked me what the main menu music for Descent 2 would sound like now. As I was never happy with how the general midi translated to the masses, I took that as an opportunity. And I can't tell you how much fun it is to revisit some of my favorite projects ever.

Check them out here, probably several more on the way.

If you have any particular requests, I'm all ears.  Thanks for supporting.

Dan Wentz

General Battuta:
Whoa, holy ****, Jesus Christ are you actually Dan Wentz

Can you autograph my post

FreeSpace 2 credits music!

ed: Never mind, you did it already! You are the best.

This is incredibly awesome!

Could you please add a download link when you're done? :D

Jeff Vader:
Oh, oh! M10_Nrml1 ! The one from the briefing of the last mission in Silent Threat.

General Battuta:
This is awesome. I've only listened to the FreeSpace 2 credits music so far -- the increased quality is remarkable.

I know nothing whatsoever about audio, but it felt like some of the -- I'm grappling for useful terms here -- the really sweeping, epic bits of the original were toned down a bit, maybe out of concerns for dynamic range? I'm thinking in particular of 1:27-1:50ish, and 2:40-3:04, which were the big goosebumps-and-chills moments in the original. They're a little more subdued now.

I'm only a listener here, I don't know anything about audio engineering, and I'm incredibly grateful for your work here.

e: Listening to them side by side, wow, the quality difference is enormous.


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