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What are you playing right now?

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Pred the Penguin:
I loved that mission in CoH. Finally getting around to finishing ME2, playing some World of Tanks and some Just Cause 2 silliness on the side. (got it for $6 lol) Been giving Minecraft a break.

Dark Hunter:
Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden

Ys Origin (I swear, Toal's run is insanity with frequent hit-and-run tactic abuse), and The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (seriously, 10 hours and I'm still on Chapter 1 thanks to all the sidequests and going to places I shouldn't have gone through without seeing if a board request had something relevant there).

Madoka Magica Online because a browser game I can hide behind my LaTeX window is the only thing I can get away with at work. :P
If you can even call that a game.

Iji, a neat indie freebie with a graphic style that reminds me of Another World and Flashback.

It's a nice time sink if ya got nothing to do.


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