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What are you playing right now?

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I just finished playing Mass Effect 3. I enjoyed it, and whilst comprehend what all the shouting was about regarding the ending, have no strong feelings either way.

Went to play Skyrim, and not being able to find the disc, started to replay Metro 2033. Now THAT game is a failed masterpiece!

Played XCOM for a while, then went to GuildWars 2 for about 10 days. At Level 42 now, starts to get boring. Will switch back to XCOM, and next vacation at Christmas I will play SW TOR once it's F2P  :nod:

It is already free to play.  Free players get access to pretty much zero features though.

Scourge of Ages:
In case anybody missed it in the "Steam Autumn Sale" thread, I'd like to point out To The Moon, the most beautiful, moving, and thoroughly incredible thing I've ever played.

And it's still on sale on Steam! Trailer here!

Been playing LA Noire after borrowing the XBox version from a friend.  Definitely loving the way the music brings the whole thing together and the general film noire (imagine that) feel of it.


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