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Series Resurrecta is the best 2020 Futuristic Sim / Sci-Fi in ModDB's MotYA

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On behalf of the SerRes Team I'm proud to announce to the public the astounding results of Series Resurrecta in ModDB's Mod of the Year Awards, 2020 Edition.

As you all probably know, this is a rather niche genre so we did not expect an overall major result in a world that is dominated by RTS and FPS games, but within the Futuristic Sim / Sci-Fi genre, we achieved the following results. Again, thanks for voting SerRes!

1) Best Futuristic Sim / Sci-Fi Mod of the Year released in 2020;

2) Second Futuristic Sim / Sci-Fi Mod of the Year, right behind Crossfire, a 2015 Freelancer mod;

3) Best Mod of the Year based on the FreeSpace Open Engine;

4) Overall, 161st out of 43,950 mods hosted by the website;

For further information on how MotYA's voting system works, you may wish to read the Official Rules as well as this statement that includes additional details concerning SerRes' ranking. All of the claims posted above have been verified and approved by ModDB's founder and primary administrator.

General Battuta:
A) the final awards haven't been announced yet?

B) this mod isn't even in the top 100, Crossfire for Freelancer is; you're basically announcing that your mod has been knocked out of the running by Crossfire

C) did any other FreeSpace mods even enter?

This seems like announcing Kim Jong Un won best dictator in North Korea. If you define a field of one...

All information concerning SerRes' ranking has been provided by ModDB admins who have access to all details concerning all mods that ranked between 101 and 160. Considering that the final competition is restricted to the Top 100, and considering that there's just one Futuristic Sim / Sci-Fi mod in there, all points made are valid because positions 101 to 161 (and that'd include Series Resurrecta) are frozen at this point.

An admin in particular performed several queries using their search functions and confirmed what you can read in the very first post of this thread (a similar article has been published on SerRes' ModDB profile, also approved by ModDB's administration). Just to be 100% sure I was doing the same thing, all points listed above have been relayed to said admin prior to HLP posting, and the admin confirmed their consistency.

I was even told that Crossfire was allowed to 2020's MotYA edition (despite being a 2015 release), due to the fact that it's under constant upgrade and revision. Future MotYA contests may take into account the year of first release, though this is still uncertain.

Speaking of your "point C", there's no requirement for any mod to "participate" to this contest. All mods participate by default and fans can vote for them regardless of any other factor.

General Battuta:
If "winning" a category of one motivates you, hey, keep at it. Can't argue with anything that gets missions out the door.

In fact, we are working steadily on the next release. The only reason we're posting fewer screenshots than expected is due to most screenshots being so spoilerish they'd ruin the mood of the forthcoming SR pack. The Eyecandy Thread features several screenshots of what we're currently working on, and they're (mostly!) spoiler free.  :)


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