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Freespace: Tactics - A Tactical RTS Conversion

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Sounds great, and very well thought out!

All that sounds good, but you may want to allow repair craft which can dock and more quickly repair subsystems. Maybe a limit on damage control, since there would only be so many components on board.

Trivial Psychic:
If you're ever considering expanding how different assets can complement each other, take a look at Blue Planet.  They rely heavily on the use of AWACS for jump plotting, comms jamming, and to disrupt missile guidance.

Just a quick update:

The notable interest in the moddability of Tactics led me, over the last week, to make ships generate procedurally from table files. That, along with my graphics drivers blowing up randomly, have slowed me down a bit but I'm back in the swing now. These improvements to my engine should also mean rigging ships becomes an absolute breeze (it was painful at best before), which means development moves faster. Everyone wins!

Sadly I don't have anything flashy to share today, but technical details matter too!

Oh that's very exciting to hear, thanks for the update! Any increases to moddability are terrific.


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