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The GTVA Prototypes



After several months of rigorous experiments, designing and data gathering, the researchers in a classified space station drafted their first blueprints of what is to be warships of 'unconventional engineering.' They sent the designs right away to a number of highly secured, state-of-the-art shipyards in Adhara and Beta Aquilae. And even though the star systems were still struggling to recover from the ashes that was left after a ravaging war, despite the economic devastation, the GTVA High Council pushed through with this military research and allocated an enormous budget for it. Two years later, a collection of prototype vessels were constructed and launched. These new class destroyers, corvettes, and cruisers were powerful ships using an experimental 'ablative hull' technology, a heavy armor that can withstand the tremendous pressure of multiple beam bombardment and torpedo impact. With an array of new gravimetric beam cannons and defensive turrets, one prototype destroyer was able to engage and destroy an entire pirate fleet with a full squadron of heavy assault fighters and bombers in a single engagement. However, the mass production of these new warships was put on hold for another two years to give enough time to field test these ships even further. To complement the destructive potential of this fleet mighty ships, more than four hundred units of newly designed assault fighters were also built. The product of the 'blood, sweat and tears' of the people behind the development of these behemoths are the proud, white ships of the 7th battlegroup.

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No... These are the AFR lores. They are the unlockable intels in the techroom database.


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