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There should be a Stargate mod

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Thing for me is, what story is there to tell in a FreeSpace like game? In its entirety, stargate wasn't all that space focused either. I think that may be contributing to the grneral lack of anything.

Mito [PL]:
I used to think about that a bunch as well, however Stargate itself doesn't really give much attention to fightercraft at all, not to mention actually have fightercraft combat in it. On one hand it could be a nice universe for a capital ship command campaign, since technically ships in that universe have quite high relative speeds, but on the other hand... how would you be able to tie it into the show's story? And how fun would a Stargate universe mod be is you didn't get the chance to interact with said stargates (well, there are the large ones...)?

On the other hand this could get some considerable audience if you could get a pretty nicely fleshed out idea for it.

Well to start with you could make a serious of missions that recreate major battles from the shows, like the Battle of Antarctica, battle of the Supergate, Wraith attack on Atlantis, etc. Lots of those would be fun to play in the Freespace engine. The battle of Asuras would be amazing if they could pull it off.

That would be awesome. There was once an effort by jc4jc over at game warden to start something. Screenshots of the ha’tak were beautiful.

I did have a hatak and 304 in game, but the 304 kept causing some issues within the game, ie random crashes, missile turrets not working as intended and I could never find the cause of the problem. I would be tempted to go back and remodel the ship to something more efficient.


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