Author Topic: TBP with FSO3.6.12, effects ooops!?!?  (Read 6762 times)

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Re: TBP with FSO3.6.12, effects ooops!?!?
Well the place to start would be with your video settings and drivers.  You need to set to 32bit color in both desktop and launcher.  Also you drivers seem to be outdated.  Find the latest and install them.
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Re: TBP with FSO3.6.12, effects ooops!?!?
Tada it works! Thought i already updated the video driver but now i remember why i didn´t windows gave me a warning that it´s extremly important to abort. Damn Windows made me stealing your time... Thank you very much!! Go on with the good work!! and by the way merry christmas!


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Re: TBP with FSO3.6.12, effects ooops!?!?
The E,

Things WERE fine....then, I got it again.
Here's the log, as far as I got with it.
Any help would be appreciated.

Happy Holidays too!!!


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Re: TBP with FSO3.6.12, effects ooops!?!?
funny thing, I got the same bug with entirely new Nvidia drivers, a working setup for Zathras2 and 3.6.12 exes, a fresh pilot... and it turned out to be the setting for "Enable 3D shockwaves" which needs to be turned ON apparently to make the black boxes around the kabooom-effects go away. For me at least, but maybe this helps others aswell


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Re: TBP with FSO3.6.12, effects ooops!?!?
This is related to a buggy effect within TBP itself. 2D version of shockwave used for most ship explosions is in alpha-inclusive format, while not having areas that are supposed to be transparent actually filled with alpha channel (a beginner's mistake). It's an easy fix, but boring to do (since you have to convert all the frames of that effect to, for instance, DXT1).