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Zathras install help please

Hi all, very new here so please bear with me :)

I've just downloaded and installed TBP DVD 1.0.

Now I trying to see if I correctly installed Zathras 2.0

Downloaded and installed launcher 5.5g and fs2_open_3_6_12r_INF_SSE2.exe to the root, directing the launcher to the 12r file.

Unzipped Zathras 2.0 and placed the unzipped Zathras folder as is in the root, directing the mod tab to the folder.

Just a few questions:

What exactly does the mod that I know I've set it up correctly?  The list of campaigns/missions seems to be the same...does the mod not add any?

Did I choose the right inferno build?....I have a recent enough cpu and the sse one seems the best choice?


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Re: Zathras install help please
once you have installed zathras , use the MOD button on the launcher to select the Zathras folder . make sure the correct 3.6.12r INF build is selected as well.

As to what Zathras does .... it fixes a few problems and also Zathras is used to bring the game uptodate as all core developement finished with the DVD . Zathras has fixes , updates and many other things ...

hope that helps
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Re: Zathras install help please
Did I choose the right inferno build?....I have a recent enough cpu and the sse one seems the best choice?
The difference between SSE, SSE2 and non-SSE is basically that SSE is slightly faster than non-SSE and SSE2 is slightly faster than SSE. All of them work the same way otherwise. If you have a recent enough CPU, you should be able to use the SSE2 build. If it doesn't work, just try an SSE build or a non-SSE build.

The important thing is to have an Inferno (or INF) build, because those support larger amounts of ship and weapon entries in the tables, and TBP has plenty of those..
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Re: Zathras install help please
Damn, here I was hoping I had done it wrong and that zathras had a massive B5 campaign added that I had missed :)

Anyone give me an opinion of which campaign installed with TBP DVD they think is the best one to start with?