Author Topic: Disabling the ugly 3.6.12 beam fade effect  (Read 1943 times)

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Disabling the ugly 3.6.12 beam fade effect
I am using Zathras 2.0 version with 3.6.12 exe. How can I disable the ugly premature beam fade effect? Fortulantely, both Freespace mediavps_3612 and Blue Planet mod got rid of it, but Zathras still has it. I read there was a table fix, at least for mvps, but cannot find it. Anyone able to help?
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Re: Disabling the ugly 3.6.12 beam fade effect
Hasn't that always been in TBP? Or am I misremembering?


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Re: Disabling the ugly 3.6.12 beam fade effect
Yeah, in TBP beams fade by default and this has been "for ages"...

B5 ships (eg. Sharlin) have more beam guns than you usual FS_Open-mod-ships and it quite frankly is a boon that those beams don't go on and on...
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Re: Disabling the ugly 3.6.12 beam fade effect
You would have to tweak it for every beam by changing its Beaminfo +Range to a very large number.


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Re: Disabling the ugly 3.6.12 beam fade effect
I believe TBP has used beam fade ever since it was an option with the SCP.  The last time I remember beams not fading was around 2004, the Release 2/2.1 era. 

I know if I ever release another campaign I'm probably going to incorporate a custom table that increases the ranges on some of those weapons so the fade effect isn't as noticeable to the player within the usual mission space.